My photography journey….

As I’m finishing up in my full time job, I’m beginning to reflect a lot on my photography and why I am starting up a freelance photography business.

I think my first photographic memory is of my brother pulling apart a camera and being jealous! Perhaps this, 20-something plus years later is my way of making up for this!

I first started playing around with taking photos really as I started my life here in Cambridge over ten years ago. Technology got the point where digital was coming in and I could have the time and freedom to play with the images. I love colour, shape and art but have no ability to draw at all and so for me a camera is a way to look at the world around me and capture the beautiful bits. I like to try and show small bits of a bigger picture that might get missed, a flower bud, some caterpillars, a fleeting moment gone but captured forever.

I’ve taken some shockingly bad pictures, I’ve had that heart in the mouth moment when downloading images and realising yes that’s the shot!, I’ve had images that have failed and I’ve no idea why but through it all has been an amazing journey of discovery of what I, and my cameras, can create. I’m so excited to be able to explore the world and share this via my camera with those who follow this site and buy my pictures.

The most exciting thing is this is only the beginning really and I just can’t wait to see where the next year takes me.

Whilst writing this post, I’ve had a look through my archive and uploaded a few favourites from the years gone by…



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