Preparing for a newborn photoshoot

As I have done quite a few newborn shoots, and more to come, I thought it might be a good idea to write a few thoughts down as to how to prepare for a photography shoot with your newborn and share this on my site.

The service I offer is a personal home visit as opposed to a studio set-up to make this as relaxing for you as possible.

1) You: Relax! I am aware that newborns are not predictable and I will work with you and baby to make sure I get the best images I can in between feeds etc. I aim to make the session, relaxing, fun and a special time for you,baby and any others involved.

2) Clothing: Plain colours or simple patternation (such as blue/white stripes) work very well with the camera. With newborns it is useful to have several clothing changes to hand in case required.

baby photography lucinda price

3) Bed: makes a very safe space for you and baby so think about whether you might be willing to let the photographer into a bedroom for part/all of the shoot.

4) Siblings: I try to make them feel extra special for their part of the shoot and give them their turn in the spotlight. They may understandably get bored during the shoot, perhaps arrange for them to have toys to play with whilst the focus is on their new brother/sister.

Lucinda Price photography tiny children photography

5) Warmth: If you want to opt for a naked/undressed look, then the room being used will need to be warmer than normal for babies comfort. All wraps I bring with me are washable.

6) Flexibility: Don’t worry if you feel the shoot day is not the best for baby, Lucinda Price Photography offers a flexible postponement policy for newborns. Details will be confirmed when booking a shoot.

7) Early: Those first few precious days go so quickly for baby and you whilst you are both finding your routines and recovering from the birth but it is a great time to capture your child and so booking a shoot in the first few weeks is advised.

Lucinda Price Baby

8) Lighting: I can bring lighting with me but also use natural light when available.

9) Treasure: It’s such a privilege to be able to take these images and share some precious time with a new family. At the end of the shoot you will have images to treasure forever.


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