A new baby brother….


siblings photo lucinda price

I was lucky enough to take part in a photography session with a big sister and her new baby brother. I’ve shared a sneak preview already but thought I’d share a few more from the shoot.



I was lucky as the light was particularly good so none of my usual backdrop/lighting needed to be used for this shoot, and baby F was also awake for a lot of the shoot and pretty settled as well. It was one of my quickest shoots so far.



I find one feature of the shoots that makes the session more special is the one on one time that the mother and baby have. It is a real privilege to share these moments and to see the bond developing between the two. The mums, post birth, seem to love the quiet time with baby, in a safe space (on a bed often) and the chance to simply sit and enjoy their new arrival.



It was also really special to see the bonding growing between brother and sister, and I genuinely feel so privileged to be able to do what I’m doing.



With this shoot, knowing that A was a very new big sister, I made sure that I had time with her alone first, to give her a special moment in what must be a pretty exciting but also strange time. I think the pictures show what fun she had! I try to photograph children doing what they want to rather than formally posing, this often means they engage more with the camera and you get a more natural look, which I love.



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