e-Luminate – A celebration!

Today I managed to capture all of the installations – even considering that I’ve been running round Cambridge since Tuesday photographing events as well as installations, I think this says a lot about the spread and sheer number of installations across the city.

I had to celebrate obviously!

Tonight was about chasing light, following the Trail of Light around the colleges and streets of Cambridge:

I then popped back to the Cambridge Buddhist Centre for another tranquil moment:

e-Luminate (7 of 13)

And then to finish off, a chance to go to those which I hadn’t had a chance to capture before:

Whilst out capturing these final images, I spent a little time at The Senate House where I watched the crowd and captured a few more images:

I don’t know about you, but this next capture seems to have an optical illusion to it. I’d be interested to see if anyone else can see this too! If you look at the top right hand corner it all seems to go inside out or something strange anyway!

e-Luminate (10 of 13)

Tomorrow night brings the finale of the ceremony (and the last chance to see these installations) with a photographer’s worst nightmare – a concert in the dark!!

I’m going to enjoy the challenge of trying to create some images! Having had a fantastic week filled with beautiful subjects to picture and so I suppose it’s only fair the team present the ultimate challenge at the end!! I hope to post the outcome soon!!


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