e-Luminate overview

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I was lucky enough to experience almost all of the amazing e-Luminate Festival held in Cambridge, February 2015.

Throughout the Festival, which was cleverly curated, I had a journey of light and also the absence of light round our most beautiful city.

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This festival is not just a showpiece, there is also a big consideration about the presence of light in day to day life which left me thinking about the ordinary day to day lighting within Cambridge. I’ve seen some really interesting lighting projects elsewhere which bring previously unsafe feeling areas into modern times with great lighting but more interestingly it’s great fun too. I’d like to imagine a city that feels like a light festival all year round, wouldn’t that be fantastic?


The streets were crowded and many of the iconic buildings in Cambridge were given a colourful nighttime facelift! It was great fun to see the amused, amazed and sometimes confused faces of passersby, particularly with some of the interactive installations. I even overheard someone saying “it’s like Christmas but better!”


There were a number of smaller installations in the Light hub on Parker’s Piece – a massive inflatable tent lit up for the festival.


The Light hub on Parker's Piece
The Light hub on Parker’s Piece


I had 6 nights shooting aspects of the festival and enjoyed every one (you can see here various posts over the festival), and each night was very different. The amazing installations and scenes meant the photography was a real pleasure and some striking imagery came out.

e-Luminate Cambridge Festival 2015 Lucinda price Photography
Optical Illusion on the Senate House

It was an incredibly hard shoot, covering over six nights, a broad patch including Cambridge’s historic core and its fringes, often wanting to be in three places at once. Additionally there was the eternal struggle with light that every photographer who doesn’t work in a studio has and to finish off of course the ultimate challenge of a concert in the dark. It was an amazing experience and really brought home how much this photographer loves photographing events.

I loved how some were more hidden such as Moyzx installed at ARU and also I wonder how many people had their first experience of a Buddhist Centre with the Cambridge Buddhist centre installation.


Below, is a slideshow of a selection of images showing at least one image from every installation and most events – it was a pretty busy and amazing week for this photographer!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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