Be The Change Cambridge – March 2015

I attended the Be The Change – Cambridge event on 14 March 2015.

Many people had given up time on a Saturday to come together and discuss how to change Cambridge for the better. It was interesting to see the range of people from all aspects of the Cambridge community.

The day was run in an open format manner, meaning no set workshops until the group had put forward bids and agreed sessions. This had the benefit of meaning most people could choose sessions they wanted to attend and also had an input into shaping the day. For me, it was impressive to see how many people wanted to put forward a session.

Whilst I wasn’t a full participant of the day (as I was popping in and out of sessions), it was interesting to hear the exchange of views from different groups and the passion with which people spoke of the issues facing the city. Also, as I hope comes across in the images, there was a lot of listening going on, and I hope those who attended went away with a head full of ideas and inspiration.

This event was organised by Antony Carpen along with Anne Bailey and Dr. David Cleevely, along with substantial sponsorship from various organisations within the city.

Please get in contact if you have any queries about the images and/or would like to book me for a similar event. Please note I am happy to offer a reduced rate to community groups.



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