Eclipse Photography in Cornwall

I’ve not had the chance to photograph an eclipse before, but for the last two significant eclipses (August 1999 & March 2015) I have coincidentally been in Cornwall – a pretty special place to view this!

I took the images from Trevose Head during the eclipse:

lucinda price eclipse photography

The light was fantastic and slightly eerie, even though this wasn’t a full eclipse. Certainly the temperature felt as if it dropped considerably whilst the eclipse was taking place, and there was a ‘dawn chorus’ of birds as well.

This was my first attempt at photographing the sun in this way, and to do so I had to do something pretty different with my kit to get some of the shots shown….

I used the following set up to take the images:

I used a Solar Filter Sheet along with large amounts of masking and duct tape to create the above. Of course, I had to have Solar Eclipse glasses for looking at the sun when not using the camera.

One note, should anyone reading this try this themselves, I didn’t give myself enough time to think it through and it was only on site that I realised I’d taped over the telescopic part of the lens and was restricting focusing…which meant I had to remain pretty static in choices of focal lengthStill I’ve got plenty of time to refine this technique as the next one in the UK is something like a decade away!

Also I’m sure I don’t need to write this, but do make sure any equipment you use to look directly at the sun has no holes etc. To be extra safe I used live-view mode to make sure I wasn’t inadvertently blinded through the viewfinder. The non-orange images were taken whilst there was cloud cover and the eclipse was visible through the cloud, I was obviously very careful!

Whilst only a 90% eclipse, it was a pretty special morning in Cornwall for this photographer!

lucinda price eclipse photography


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