And now for something a bit different!

I follow more than a few photography forums and recently there has a been a swathe of images that are very abstract and great fun – I sort of think of it as a way of light painting using just one digital photograph.

Here is an example below, one of, if not the first, example/s I saw on the forum done by the very talented Adam Payne (another local – St. Ives) based photographer who has kindly given me permission to share this.


There are many explanations of how to do this in Photoshop, a program I don’t use. So I have recently started using Affinity and had a play about in there using these instructions as a basis to work out what I needed to replicate in this very different program.

Here are my versions alongside the original pictures – can you guess which one belongs to which?

I think this is something I want to play with again!


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