CamCycle Rebranding & a silly cow!

I was recently asked to join a photoshoot to capture some images for CamCycle who have recently rebranded*. It was quite an eventful shoot, trying to capture the brightly coloured branded group of members on grey,muggy Midsummer Common, cow dodging, working out how to photograph the cyclists in motion and trying not to fall off my wobbly step stool!

Before it was my turn to shoot I had the first time opportunity to correctly exclaim “silly cow” when the Midsummer cows decided to ignore the bikes/people in the way and come to munch on my very not real flower on my bike!


Here are some of the images from the shoot, I love the new branding it’s bright, modern and simple. I particularly love their concept of a changing ‘logo’ of ‘hero bikes’.

Herding cyclists and shooting them is never entirely straight forward!


How the shot was meant to look!



* I am a cyclist and member of Camcycle and often take images for them on a voluntary basis. If you are a community group/charity etc. please do contact me about my community work as for the right projects I will work at a preferential/voluntary rate.


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