Rickshaw Weddings in Cambridge

A couple of weddings I photographed last year featured a city centre photoshoot, it was really fun making the photoshoot part of the wedding day and a real honour to be part of such unusual weddings with fantastic couples.

RickshawWeddingLPrice (12 of 17)

I’m really lucky to be able to share some images from Mr & Mrs H’s early September wedding, where they chose a rickshaw from Outspoken cycle hire to transport them around the many city locations that featured in the shoot.

RickshawWeddingLPrice (16 of 17)

I asked Claire from Claireabellemakes to come along as an assistant and fellow witness to the marriage. She kindly took some images ‘behind the scenes’ along with accompanying me on a suitably decorated bike!

(Claire also runs craft parties if you are looking for hen party ideas! A blog post from one I attended can be found here)

Certainly a rickshaw wedding is a fun memorable part of any wedding day, particularly combined with a cityscape photoshoot. It was great fun seeing the passersby spot the rickshaw, then the Just Married signage and smiles erupting across faces leading into spontaneous rounds of applause, cheers etc. At times it felt like the whole city was celebrating with the newly weds!

The driver, Richard, was a great part of the event, part driver, part entertainer, part hero (over a particularly steep bridge/navigating round road obstacles) and also bag holder!

Rickshaw wedding photoshoots, to me, seem a very fun and exciting way to celebrate an intimate, Cambridge wedding!

Contact me if you would like to know more.


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