Northumberland – Holiday Snaps!

Recently I had a very special week away with my family, celebrating my dad’s 70th birthday, in a beautiful holiday house near Bamburgh Castle.

Celebrating 70 in style on the beach!

Technically this was a week off, but for a photographer this was just too beautiful an area to not carry the camera around with me.

I had not been to Northumberland before and I was totally unprepared for it’s relatively flat, coastal beauty teeming with wildlife. A wild coastland, relatively uninterrupted by houses/built up areas.

One of the highlights of the trip was a trip to the Farne Islands  on Serenity and the wildlife was amazing! I had the privilege of not only seeing my first puffins up close, but seeing hundreds if not thousands at once! The sea was almost flat calm, meaning we could pretty go within touching distance of the rocks within the islands and so close to the wildlife. One of the most memorable 1.5hrs for a very long time!

The set below shows a few photos of seals at Eyemouth Harbour, over the Scottish border.


Another feature of the landscape was castles – virtually every vista had a castle in it!


such a beautiful part of the country that I’d never really known about before this trip. Definitely one for the ‘hope to return to’ list!

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